Entry #8


Žilvinas Stasiulevi ius

Žygintas Stasiulevi ius

A proposal to set up a large digital display on Sony Park, to which visitors can freely upload messages and artworks created on tablet devices installed on site. A crowdsourcing app based on Subtract Billboard (Phase 1 Competition entry) determines "unpopular" advertisements in the region, which are replaced with the most popular artworks uploaded to the Park's display.

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Online voter comments:
Blue boxes show positive comments, Red boxes show negative comments.
The length of the striped bar represents the number of people who shared the opinion.

FOR (A): I like how the proposal enables the individual act of sketching to have urban-scale effects
Rebuttal: Will people drawing sketches be conscious that their acts may have urban-scale repercussions? If not, I expect negative consequences
FOR (B): It's a feasible idea
FOR (C): I like how the proposal seamlessly merges low-tech (drawing) with high-tech
FOR (D): This is a good idea, pushes people to be more creative
AGAINST (A): I don't think this will have much effect on the city at large
AGAINST (B): There's not much difference between this and the Phase 1 Competition idea (Digital Drawing Wall) it's based on
AGAINST (C): I don't see anything really special with the idea
AGAINST (D): Who will choose the "popular" sketches? I see this becoming another tool for corporate marketing
Rebuttal: Choices can be made democratically, for example through public voting on social media