Entry #9

Synergistic Walker

Yuki Taniguchi

An augmented reality app for smart glasses, smartphones, etc. that pastes virtual billboards onto building facades. Pedestrians using the app — in return for allowing ads to enter their views — are given coupons and other benefits that can be used in Ginza. By moving ads to the virtual realm, the app may lead to reduced clutter in the real-world environment.

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Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): I like how the idea eliminates unnecessary clutter from the urban environment
FOR (B): I like how ads are only shown to people who have agreed to see them
AGAINST (A): I don't think the idea is novel
AGAINST (B): I fear this will lead to a future where only rich people (with no need for coupons) can see ad-free cities
AGAINST (C): Though often reviled, advertisements are part of the city too; they shouldn't be discounted outright
AGAINST (D): This doesn't seem all that relevant to Sony Park
AGAINST (E): I fail to see how this will attract enough users to cover the likely substantial cost of maitainance