Entry #22

Idea Balloons

Mari Takahashi

Kohei Arai

An augmented reality digital display to which people can upload various data — text, graphic, music, product, etc. — wrapped in virtual "balloons", to share with the visitors to Sony Park. Data can be uploaded either on site, or remotely through the Internet. Balloons can be "popped" by visitors (using gesture sensing) which reveals their contents.

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FOR (A): Popping the balloons seems like a lot of fun
FOR (B): The casual, light-hearted nature of the idea makes it a good fit for public space
FOR (C): It'll probably be fun seeing myself wearing fancy, expensive clothes on the digital display
AGAINST (A): The proposal claims that the system will foster real-world communication, but I don't see how that will happen
AGAINST (B): I don't like how the idea encourages people to stare at digital displays in public space