Entry #21

Draw your future into the sky

Kazuki Futatsuhashi

A system that broadly solicits ideas for improving Ginza from visitors to Sony Park. Using a smartphone app, visitors take photographs of nearby places and annotate them with their ideas to improve the neighborhood. The photos are exhibited on digital displays installed within the Park, and also on billboards around the city — replacing ads that had been removed via the Subtract Billboard (Phase 1 Competition entry) system.

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Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): I like how the proposal invites everyone to think about the future of cities
Rebuttal: Thinking is great, but how will that turn into action?
AGAINST (A): Simply soliciting and showcasing people's visions will not lead to actual change
AGAINST (B): The annotated photos being shown in billboards around Ginza may be perceived as a nuisance
AGAINST (C): This idea does not make good use of Sony Park's peculiar spatial properties
AGAINST (D): This doesn't seem realistic to me