Entry #23


Kazuki Motani

Ryuto Kawasaki

A proposal to draw crowdsourced, ocean-themed paintings on Sony Park using specialized hydrochromic ink that only becomes visible when wet. On rainy days, the paintings emerge and make the Park appear to be submerged in water. A set of drawing boards are also set up throughout the Park, allowing visitors to draw sketches using the same hydrochromic ink.

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Online voter comments:
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The length of the striped bar represents the number of people who shared the opinion.

FOR (A): The use of color-shifting, specialized ink makes this proposal innovative and unique
FOR (B): I like how this idea makes gloomy, rainy days a bit more enjoyable
AGAINST (A): This looks fun, but its impact on the city at large seems limited
AGAINST (B): Why turn the park into a sea? Seems a bit random
AGAINST (C): I don't see how the paintings make Sony Park any better as public space
AGAINST (D): The idea doesn't seem quite believable, both in technology and visitor experience
AGAINST (E): I don't see the connection between this and any of the Phase 1 entries