Entry #10

Street Flexible Partitions

Noriyuki Kawata

A proposal to deploy a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) that coordinate to form temporary partitions, marketplaces, performance stages, etc. on Sony Park. When not inside the Park, the EVs can instead provide low-cost transportation to citizens in the neighborhood. The EVs are designed to be multifunctional — their interiors have large, flexible layouts, and are each equipped with robotic arms and a drone station.

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Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): It's fun to imagine these large EVs running around the city
FOR (B): This is a versatile proposal that can support a variety of use cases
AGAINST (A): I don't think this will have much effect on the city at large
AGAINST (B): I think similar ideas involving multi-purpose vehicles already exist
AGAINST (C): I don't understand why the same vehicle needs to be used both for local transportation and as event props
AGAINST (D): The idea seems to require substantial investment for implementation
AGAINST (E): Why bring in cars to Sony Park, a precious public space for pedestrians? Modern cities are already way too car-centric