Entry #28

Neither Ordinary nor Extraordinary

Daigo Futamata

An augmented reality app that lets people keep various species of virtual animals within Sony Park. The animals need to be continuously fed and taken care of at the site, which necessitates users to form communities whose members take turns visiting the Park. Even after the planned transformation of Sony Park into the new Sony Building in 2022, the system can continue to operate with minimal modifications.

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FOR (A): I like how tech is used to turn into reality the implausible-sounding idea of raising wild animals in Ginza
FOR (B): Attaching a virtual, community-owned resource to a place sounds like a novel way to interact with the city
AGAINST (A): Raising virtual animals sounds fun, but its effect on the city at large seems limited
AGAINST (B): Why would people want to care for the virtual animals? I don't understand the incentive
AGAINST (C): We should try to reduce, not deepen, people's addiction to mobile devices
AGAINST (D): Only people who own supported digital devices can interact with the animals; seems rather exclusive
AGAINST (E): Caring for shared animals can indeed create a sense of community, but isn't that limited to real animals?