Entry #27


Mai Miura

Ryo Suetomi

A proposal to build a virtual skyscraper on top of Sony Park. Space inside the skyscraper (which can only be accessed through digital devices such as smartphones) can be rented out to be used as stores, meeting rooms, etc. Although the skyscraper has no physical presence and exist only in cyberspace, its connection to the actual Sony Park makes it a prime real estate with rental fees to match.

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FOR (A): This is an interesting proposal, that presents new ways of thinking about the value and use of virtual space
AGAINST (A): I don't quite understand the need for, or benefits gained from, associating virtual space with Sony Park
AGAINST (B): The notion of virtual space somehow being "tied" to Sony Park and having prime real estate values doesn't sound realistic
AGAINST (C): This is an idea primarily about cyberspace, not public space
AGAINST (D): How is this specific to Sony Park? It's an idea that can be applied anywhere