Entry #26


Aoi Tsuda

Sarasa Watanabe

Moeno Kobayashi

Shota Ito

Tsubasa Hanai

Aoi Matsuzaki

A proposal to build a museum on Sony Park, that features artworks sourced from around the world. Visitors to the Park can enter the museum through any of the organic-looking pipes, which lead to three gallery rooms each with its own distinct aesthetics.

Download File (PDF, 28.1MB)

Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): This looks so weird, I'd like to see this actually built
AGAINST (A): I don't think this has much in common with the Wikitopia ideal, i.e., cities built by everyone
AGAINST (B): Public space should support a wide range of uses, but this proposal will turn the Park into a single-use space
AGAINST (C): I don't understand why this should be built on Sony Park and not somewhere else