Entry #25

The value is given to something free.

Hayato Waki

A plan that bring attention to the various weeds (as opposed to deliberately planted flowers/trees) that grow on the streets of Ginza. A smartphone app is used to crowdsource information about the weeds, creating an online weed database that anyone can access. A popup store at Sony Park sells weeds gathered in the region as souvenirs to visitors.

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Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): I like how the proposal focuses on weeds, something few people consciously think about in their daily lives
FOR (B): This will give citizens a good opportunity to think about the role of greenery in cities
AGAINST (A): Not many people will be interested in weeds, I'm afraid
AGAINST (B): I don't see a strong connection to Sony Park, this can be deployed anywhere
AGAINST (C): Weeds showcased and sold at Sony Park? Not many weeds are beautiful, I doubt it will appeal to visitors