Entry #24

Noise Canceling Park

Yasuaki Tanago

A proposal to install a large number of microphone/speaker combos throughout Sony Park, effectively creating an active noise control system (i.e., the technology used in noise-canceling headphones) that lowers noise levels within the Park compared to those of surrounding areas.

Download File (PDF, 34.2MB)

Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): I'd like to experience this in person
FOR (B): I like how the proposal focuses on removing, rather than adding something to the city
FOR (C): I like how the proposal does not dictate how the resulting quiet space should be used; that is left to the visitors
FOR (D): In noisy modern cities, I think a quiet space like this will be a valuable luxury
FOR (E): This seems like a technically feasible idea
AGAINST (A): A somewhat quieter Sony Park doesn't seem all that meaningful
AGAINST (B): This is not feasible with the current state of technology
AGAINST (C): Eliminating sound may turn out to be dangerous in traffic-heavy Ginza
AGAINST (D): The bustling sound is actually a part of what makes Ginza unique, why delete it?
AGAINST (E): Installing many microphones and speakers may create a visually cluttered environment
AGAINST (F): This doesn't have anything to do with the notion of "cities created by everyone"