Entry #17

Pub Lab

Ryo Kawamoto

Megumi Onuki

A popup facility on Sony Park that showcases scientific research by young researchers. Researchers give public demos on site, while an accompanying digital display solicits visitors to contribute funding through a crowdfunding system. Provides a way for researchers to promote their work and seek additional funding, and for visitors to gain a peek into the world of basic research that receives little exposure outside academia.

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FOR (A): I like how researchers are expected to give live demos; the authors understand the value of human contact
FOR (B): This is a great idea, science becomes part of normal city life
AGAINST (A): Why does this need to be deployed at Sony Park? It doesn't make good use of the park's spatial qualities
AGAINST (B): Researchers who can give captivating demos at Sony Park probably won't have to resort to such measures to get funding
AGAINST (C): The proposal seems too abstract, devoid of details