Entry #16


Maciej Ziarkowski

Ivan Pecorari

A democratic system to determine the use of public space. Any individual or organization can submit proposals regarding the use of available space within Sony Park. Proposals are showcased on digital displays around the Park, with screen time calibrated so that each proposal receives roughly equal exposure. Winning proposals are then decided through public voting.

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Online voter comments:
Blue boxes show positive comments, Red boxes show negative comments.
The length of the striped bar represents the number of people who shared the opinion.

FOR (A): I like how the proposal invites a large number of people to participate in decision making regarding public space
AGAINST (A): This doesn't seem very novel to me
AGAINST (B): This idea doesn't seem all that relevant to Sony Park
AGAINST (C): I'm not sure if people will be willing to submit that many proposals
AGAINST (D): This proposal encourages people to compete for the use of public space, but public space is to be shared