Entry #15

Wikitopia Phase n

Ryota Kitahara

Rena Tajima

Yoya Hirose

A proposal to hold the Wikitopia competition as a recurring event. Winning proposals are deployed on site with money secured through crowdfunding, progressively transforming the form and function of the Park. Visitor's behaviors in the Park are continuously analyzed and visualized on a large digital display, providing inspirations for would-be submitters.

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FOR (A): Repeatedly holding events at Sony Park will contribute to increasing the public appeal of Ginza
AGAINST (A): Proposing a competition as a competition entry, is this even allowed?
AGAINST (B): I'm sure this will produce a lot of ideas, but how will this lead to any tangible changes in the city?
AGAINST (C): The proposal lacks details; what kinds of ideas are solicited, and what are the terms of the recurring competitions?
AGAINST (D): This is too costly, not feasible