Entry #13

New Babylon

Kanenobu Baba

Akinori Hamada

Masatatsu Nakamura

Naoki Yoshikawa

A proposal involving a collaborative online app — similar to Reddit's "Place" experiment — where users can erect (or demolish) structures within Sony Park using standardized wooden components. On occasion, the structures are actually built within the Park, creating temporary spaces to hold events, run pop-up stores, etc.

Download File (PDF, 12.2MB)

Online voter comments:
Blue boxes show positive comments, Red boxes show negative comments.
The length of the striped bar represents the number of people who shared the opinion.

FOR (A): The idea of collaboratively-designed public space aligns well with the Wikitopia vision
FOR (B): The proposal cleverly blends real and virtual spaces
AGAINST (A): The online component is interesting, but the actual physical structures seem rather bland
AGAINST (B): It's an interesting experiment, but I don't think this will make the city any better
AGAINST (C): This doesn't seem to be based on any of the Phase 1 entries
AGAINST (D): Considering that Sony Park is prime real estate, I see this system being dominated by commercial interests