Entry #12

Late Night Movies between Buildings

Mai Miura

Ryo Suetomi

A large movie screen is cast over Sony Park, hooked at its corners to nearby buildings. An online system allows people to vote on movies they would like to see at the Park. At evening time, carpets and cushions are laid out on the Park, on which visitors can lie down and watch the films. Advertisements are shown before movies, providing profit to the Park.

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Online voter comments:
Blue boxes show positive comments, Red boxes show negative comments.
The length of the striped bar represents the number of people who shared the opinion.

FOR (A): I like how the idea focuses on the space in-between buildings, an underutilized urban resource
FOR (B): A realistic idea that seems easy to implement
AGAINST (A): Looking upward for hours sounds tiresome, why can't we just project on walls?
AGAINST (B): The screen will cast a huge shadow on the Park during daytime, I'm not sure if that's a good thing
AGAINST (C): The idea doesn't seem all that original
AGAINST (D): Space between tall buildings tend to be quite windy, how will the screen be kept stable?