Entry #3

Infinite Space

Ken Nishimaru

Léo Calmes

A number of rectangular boxes are installed within Sony Park, whose translucent walls double as projection screens that visually connect each box to its counterparts located in other parts of the world. The boxes are open for public use, and can at times also be rented out as meeting rooms, popup stores, etc. Sony Park will serve as a hub of an international network of digitally linked boxes, through which people from remote locations and cultures can interact.

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Online voter comments:
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FOR (A): I like how I can imagine a wide range of uses for the boxes
FOR (B): Simply great
Rebuttal: This doesn't explain anything, why is this great?
AGAINST (A): It's not clear to me what these boxes are useful for
AGAINST (B): I fear the boxes will steer people into isolating themselves in public space
AGAINST (C): There are tons of venues/rooms for rent in Ginza, why do we need these in Sony Park?
AGAINST (D): This doesn't seem feasible considering the cost