Entry #1

Ichi-go Ichi-e

Ina Chen

Vardhan Mehta

Lujia Zhu

A system where a group of “creators” can propose various types of events (dance party, speed dating, etc.) that take place — given enough public support — inside rapidly deployable, glowing inflatable structures. The locations of the inflatables in the city are publicly announced on a smartphone app, but details regarding the events held inside are kept secret, and can only be found out by actually visiting the sites.

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AGAINST (A): This idea doesn't seem all that relevant to Sony Park
AGAINST (B): I don't see why the tent is necessary, events can be held without them
AGAINST (C): What would motivate people to visit the tents, if they can't tell what's going on inside them?
AGAINST (D): This seems like a difficult idea to implement